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Martine's Story

"Abstract art is difficult. It is pure creation. It is not only about composition, colors, and texture but it also needs to have a soul."

Martine Mahoudeau

The life experiences of Martine Mahoudeau have been rich and quite diversified. Born in France, Martine traveled to many parts of the world and lived in England, Spain, and Switzerland before coming to California. After studying art in Paris, France, and Vevey, Switzerland for 5 years, Martine worked as a designer in Paris and taught many crafts.


Martine had to leave art on the side for family reasons for a number of years, and is very happy to be able to go back to her art full-time. Her multiple life experiences greatly enriched Martine’s inspiration and provided depth and context to her artistic creations. Since 2019 her artwork has been displayed in exhibitions, galleries, social media, online, and in private collections in California, France, and Germany.

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